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A Whale of a Wish


“Just then, he heard a voice in his mind
It was Allah Almighty, Most Merciful and Kind!

‘Save this man sweet whale, don’t fear!
For he is Prophet Yunus, most special and dear!’

The whale trusted Allah and jumped to his call
Gulping down Prophet Yunus – arms, legs and all!”

‘A Whale Of A Wish’ by Razana Noor is just such a cute book. I got this after reading a review by Muslim Mummy and I think it’s already one of my favourites. Written so well and funny too.

Yunus’ (as) story is always liked by children, even older children. They love hearing about a grown man being swallowed whole by a fish. But this story is from the whale’s point of view – how he is an obedient slave of Allah and he’s just so cute. His thoughts are so sweet.

MashaAllah the author has done a brilliant job with it.

After reading this book, we made a little boat and a whale to bring the book to life a little bit. Not a massive craft but Yusra understood what we were doing and even pointed out to me that our boat isn’t actually big enough.

Highly recommend the book for all. The rhyme and story will entertain the children but not bore the parents either. If like me, you are a fan of Julia Donalson books, then you won’t be disappointed with how this author writes; fun and catchy and we ready it all the time.

Available to buy from Amazon.*

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3 thoughts on “A Whale of a Wish”

  1. subhanAllah, its amazing I found these posts. my sister and I were just discussing the dearth of children’s books which focus on stories from the quran. how wonderful to discover razana noor. jazaakAllahu khair for your posts.


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