About Umm Y²


Assalamu alaikum and hey readers!

I’m Umm Y², a book-loving, coffee-drinking, Quran admiring, seerah obsessed, notebook hoarding, jilbab and converse wearing extroverted-introvert who writes to journal reflections of journeying away in a life that I pray will only become perfect when it reaches the most beautiful of abodes.

I started blogging about three years ago and live in a little world I call ‘Gilded Dunya’. I have child one and child two – they have taken full control of my life, making motherhood a big part of my identity. In the chaos of being mum to them, I’m etching my own path of learning, loving and connecting with life as a believer.

I write, and I write and then I sometimes share with you. I’d like it to be what I leave behind; a word of motivation, some words of comfort, a line or two of inspiration. Something that lives in this world, even when I am not. I share in the hope that it sparks a desire to want to please Allah within myself and in those who read my words; words that are inspired by what I take from the most Amazing of words Allah has blessed us with and lives of special people we can only want to emulate and be in the company of in Jannah.

I read, and I read and want others to read. Books offer me sanctuary in the muddled world we live in. I’ve surrounded my children with books and want reading to be something they grow up loving and take from. It is what Allah commanded from us, because He chose this to be the way man learns. I’d love a world with more readers and want to play my small part in making that happen!

That’s me! A semi-boring Muslim woman, living in Cambridgeshire with a heart of a Londoner, trying to make every day count towards the scales that will determine real happiness.


5 thoughts on “About Umm Y²”

  1. Assalaamu alaikkum wa rahmatullah Umm Yusra… Started reading your blog few days ago only… Within few hours I became a huge fan of yours…Maasha Allah.. Really interesting topics… Blessed with a baby boy a month ago Alhamdulillah… As a mother of a newborn.. Am finding it hard to be on track… But Maasha Allah your articles are giving me so much inspiration… Jazakallahu khair sister… May Allah bless your family… May he rewards you for your effort… Waiting for your more articles


  2. Asalam o alikum sister… I randomly start following you n become your fan .. Learning a lot from u .. Please keep posting n share routine how to manage household + kids activities+ outings + quran .. It would b great help for us


  3. Assalamualaikum warehmatullahi wa barakatuhu MAA shaa Allah I really appreciate your writings. I saw u r doing gud work with children about deen.we r in Pakistan and also doing a class of some young Muslims.if u have surah mulk related lessons for children.can u share with me for the sake of Allah Azzwa jull.


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