Umm Y²

Bismillah and Assalamu alaikum

I’m Umm Y². I’m a striving Muslimah, lazy homemaker, coffee drinker, lover of books, owner of many beautiful notebooks, polka dot addict, Quran admirer,  and an obsessive Jannah dreamer!

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3 thoughts on “Umm Y²

  1. Afra Amir says:

    Assalaamu alaikkum wa rahmatullah Umm Yusra… Started reading your blog few days ago only… Within few hours I became a huge fan of yours…Maasha Allah.. Really interesting topics… Blessed with a baby boy a month ago Alhamdulillah… As a mother of a newborn.. Am finding it hard to be on track… But Maasha Allah your articles are giving me so much inspiration… Jazakallahu khair sister… May Allah bless your family… May he rewards you for your effort… Waiting for your more articles


  2. Anonymous says:

    Asalam o alikum sister… I randomly start following you n become your fan .. Learning a lot from u .. Please keep posting n share routine how to manage household + kids activities+ outings + quran .. It would b great help for us


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