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Five verses for five years – a life changing affair

Why I needed a group? Just over five years ago, with no big plans, only a simple intention, I started a Quran group with my friends. This was mainly to maintain a daily relationship with the Quran, which I had somehow lost with the demands of a baby in my life. As my daughter turned… Continue reading Five verses for five years – a life changing affair

Ilham or Inspire

A mother’s non-fasting spiritual Ramadan

Islam has so beautifully placed legitimate reasons for when someone shouldn’t/can’t fast, some of which are specific for us, the women of this ummah; menstruation, being post natal, nursing, ill health and some other exemptions. I’ve been blogging for about four years now, and every year I seem to get a high number of messages… Continue reading A mother’s non-fasting spiritual Ramadan