Ilham or Inspire

Memories of my first Taraweeh salah at the masjid

Just as Ramadan comes with a buzz of togetherness for the Ummah as we all crave to increase our worship, it also comes with the news of continuous attacks on our ummah.

I remember many years ago when I prayed my first taraweeh salah at the masjid, how beautiful and amazing the whole experience was for me. And then when the imam lead the Witr salah and made dua, my heart melted even though I didn’t understand the words. The words Falisteen, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan made my heart tremble and tears rolled down because I felt pain. I hadn’t realised how much the Ummahs struggles affected me. And with a very heavy heart I proclaimed a very sincere ‘Ameen’.

Over 10 years later, that same dua lives in my head and the unfortunate reality that all over the world the same duas are still being said.

Nothing has changed, instead it’s got worse with an addition of more countries to our dua list.

Makes me sad.


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