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Travelling Dua – print it for your car!

How often do we forget to say the basic of duas. Duas that we’re actually very blessed to have been taught by the Prophet (saw). Now that Yusra feels obliged to sing ‘wheels on the bus’ at least 5 times when we get in the car 😏😐 – I thought its best to introduce this dua to her. It’s long and it took me forever to learn. I don’t expect her to know it this soon – but I want her to know that there is a dua for when we start a journey. She was very excited this morning to stick this in the car and happily recites ‘MunQaliboon’ 😃.

Only recently I was reading how the companions would introduce every new Sunnah they learnt and adopted to their children too. No matter what the age – it was part of their life, their lifestyle. These small steps can be our way of making the Prophet (saw) real for our children and also remembering Allah in all our actions.

If you’d like to print this off and stick in your car or keep it with you for when you get on a train, bus or even on a plane then click here inshaAllah travelling dua.



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