Ilham or Inspire

Submitting my thoughts…

Don’t leave me with my thoughts I say, they’ll eat me away…

They will grow. And grow. They will make me think more. Think about things that I have no power or control over.

Don’t leave me with my thoughts I say, they’ll eat me away…

They make me fear the unknown, they gnaw at my heart.

They cause me more thoughts and make me want to run away.

Don’t leave me with my thoughts I say, they’ll eat me away…

Then I think about him, May Allah’s peace be upon him.

What did he do with his thoughts, I ask?

Did he run away from the thoughts that came to him?

His heart wasn’t settled. His heart wasn’t sure.

He didn’t know what his feelings were, so he sought to find out more.

He didn’t climb mountains for an answer, he climbed mountains to embrace his thoughts.

He climbed mountains to give his thoughts meaning. To give them what they were ought.

Thoughts are scary because they create emotions.

Emotions I don’t know what to do with. He didn’t know either, so he found a way.

So what is the siraat to govern my thoughts?

I have been given the way. The way is al- mustaqeem.

I have the book that holds words from the One who knows all thoughts.

I have a history filled with people who made great thoughts out of their many thoughts.

I have a Rabb who has abundant Mercy. Then why do I fear my thoughts? Why do I worry?

I am to be equipped with taqwa,

I am to see the nur that the living Quran provides,

I am to acquaint myself with stories of the anbiyah.

I am to learn from the sahaba.

I am to know that submission isn’t to feel lost.

I am to know submission is hope.

Submission is a road. Submission is guided. Submission isn’t fear, submission is will power.

Submission is purpose.

Thoughts are what we make them. Thoughts are born from who we are. Thoughts can submit too.

Umm Y²



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