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My First Book About the Quran – Book Review


My First Book About the Quran by Sara Khan

I was very kindly sent this book by Kube Publishing and as soon as we took it out of the envelope both my children wanted it off my hand – it was the colourful front cover that attracted their attention.

I love the idea of enriching our children’s lives with books, books and more books – and feel extremely blessed that we have been given the ability to do this, so I try and make the effort in surrounding my children with a variety of books, and this includes books about Islam.

This hardback book is aimed at preschoolers, perfect for my household, it aims to introduce little hearts to what the Quran says. The author takes the reader through a little journey of how Allah created the world, the people, other creatures and the purpose of our lives. She uses simple examples to get little children to grasp the concept of being a Muslim – I particularly liked this.


Teaching our children to be thankful for what they have and looking after our environment is a very important part of being Muslim, so I love that this has all be incorporated into the book – and I found my four year old asking so many questions and trying to relate the book to her own life – like when she has to put her rubbish in the bin after we finish our picnic, or if we see a sweet wrapper in the masjid, we pick it up to throw away.

My one year old loves the colours, for him a hardback book is perfect, because his love of books mean lots of hugging and biting.


The book mentions Allah sent us prophets to help guide us, and although it doesn’t mention the names of Prophets the illustrations used made my daughter understand this better – she quickly mentioned Yunus (as) after seeing the picture of the whale and asked about the boat, which gave me the perfect opportunity to talk about Nuh (as). And I think thats what I like most about books – they are conversation starters and this one has definitely done that for us.

The illustrations are very child friendly and there are lots of pictures of children and animals, things that little children seem to like a lot. The book consists of 26 pages, the last two includes some facts about the Quran and a few questions and answers about the Quran – I thought this is good for the curious children – it helps parents answer their important questions.


I like books that rhyme and follow a specific story and so initially thought, will the kids be engaged with this book, my thoughts completely vanished, when I realised that the illustrations, the simplicity in words and colours worked well for both my children, as you can see them both enjoying the book and not even realising I’m taking a picture.

I recommend this book for parents with small children ages 1+, it would be a great start to reading and learning together. This book will also work great as a gift. Available to buy from Kube Publishing here:

My First Book about the Qur'an

Kube Publishing have a lovely selection of Islamic books.



2 thoughts on “My First Book About the Quran – Book Review”

  1. I really love this! Masha’Allah! Thank you for sharing it with us. I will look into how I can order it to Malaysia right now. I was looking for something basic and easy to understand for my kids. I know the value of books, but when I see them making a difference in my children’s life…it still amazes me Subhanallah. My daughter recalls every story I read, and especially the ones with Islamic moral lessons. Jazakillah Khayr!


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