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Falling in love with Allah – together

In a Facebook post I talked about making a habit of reciting the Quran daily and mentioned how I even started daily recitation with my ameer aka my husband. 😊

Since then I’ve been inundated with emails and messages asking how I started it, what we do and how it all works. At first, I thought there’s nothing much to share, it’s very simple we just recite five ayahs a day, but then after speaking to a friend, I realised that sisters may like it, if I shared a few more details about it.

Here it is. We started just after Ramadan 2016, before this we had both run Quran groups on whatsApp with our own friends. His one stopped but my one with my friends continued. I could see he was a little lost without his group, so I suggested (maybe insisted – for now we’ll just say I lovingly suggested) that we start one. And of course we didn’t need a whatsApp group to remind each other which ayahs to recite every day. So what could we use instead? Simple. I simply wrote out a weeks worth of ayahs on a little piece of paper, put it in a place where we can both see it and ticked off as we went along. We read translation and recite five ayahs a day. (Increased this during Ramadan.)


These are the details. It’s this uncomplicated. But what makes this work and has allowed us to continue on exactly a year later is making sure we stick to it – no matter what. That’s where all the work really lies, consistency. Almost 20 surahs in and we absolutely love it. We talk about it, not always in a formal study-like way but more when we’re talking about something else and remember an ayah we recited that day. Or like this morning when I was dropping him off to the station, he reminded me that in today’s ayahs Allah tells us to give generously to relatives, those travelling and the needy.

I also read Tafsir alongside my ayahs and write my reflections down – something the ameer isn’t doing much of, but I think that’s where our individual need for the Quran comes in. The journey is together but it’s still a journey we must take on our own – helping everyone around us in whatever little, big, supportive way we can.

I share this because of all the sisters that asked, intending that if anyone wishes to do this, then may Allah accept that I played a tiny little part in inspiring it to happen. And if you’re feeling super organised then you can follow in my dear friend’s footsteps – her husband has typed up a grid with all the ayahs – looks so very professional. 🙂

What else? Erm… Fall in love, of course with each other but more with Allah – together.

This post was prompted by an earlier post.

Super Iman, over at ‘And then she said‘ will be starting this with her husband very soon. She has amazingly created a printable which can be laminated and used over and again to note the ayahs that need reciting daily. You can gets yours here.


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