Gems For Jummah

…Then Look Within Yourself!

As-Saqati reports: I was travelling as a tourist, when I once stumbled upon a cave. Issuing forth from inside of it was the sound of weeping. When I looked inside the cave, I saw a young man, who had the look of a man whose sorrows have reduced his body to a weak, wan, and… Continue reading …Then Look Within Yourself!

Ilham or Inspire

Dhul-Hijjah With My Toddler

Alhamdhulillah another beautiful time of year for Muslims, the season of Hajj is upon us. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve heard news of lots of relatives and friends who are off to hajj. A feeling of immense joy enters the heart with news of Hajj. Firstly, because memories of my own Hajj come… Continue reading Dhul-Hijjah With My Toddler

Ilham or Inspire

Spreading some lollipop Eid love

Yusra had her first lollipop this Ramadan - and of course she loved it. I hadn't realised but up until then I hadn't actually given her any even though on so many occasions she's been given them by others (Restaurants, doctors surgery etc.) – I kind of feel like I've deprived her. She's been talking… Continue reading Spreading some lollipop Eid love