Gems For Jummah

End procrastination with the thought of death!


It’s not always the love of this world that makes us fear death. For a Muslim the thought of not being able to ask forgiveness for our many sins or the ability to dedicate more time to good deeds is the most scary part.

As we pass our busy days and sometimes get reminders of death, we often for that moment think what it would be like if we took our last breath then. And straight away we make a mental list of all the good deeds we plan to do. But we forget or slowly stop doing them.

Procrastination is not only foolish but extremely dangerous for the believer. It eats away at precious time, keeping us away from Allah. Appreciating the value of time and how to be super productive is something I learnt after having my daughter and spending all of my time on my own, at home taking care of her. One thought after another led to thoughts about death and that helped me organise my time. So try it, end procrastination with reminders of death!

Everyone who is being overtaken by death asks for more time. While everyone who still has time make excuses for procrastination.

~ Ali Ibn Abu Talib (ra) ~


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