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What I learnt from Hajj

It’s been 6 years since I performed hajj and every year my heart aches and pleads to Allah to take me back again.

The many, many actions we carry out throughout hajj are linked to Prophet Ibrahim (as) and his family. If you’ve read any of my other posts you’d know how my late teens and 20’s consisted of an obsession with this particular Prophet.

I found great comfort learning about his life. And anyone that knew me back then knew about this attachment too. Over time it built an eagerness for Hajj and alhamdhulillah by Allah’s permission I was able to go. It was definitely a journey and experience of a lifetime and no words can truly describe how it felt being there. An overflow of emotions sometimes meant I wasn’t able to reflect on my Hajj whilst I was actually there. It was probably some time after I got back it really made me think about my whole experience and I wondered what impact it should have on me.

I read about Ibrahim (as) again. Patience, steadfastness, devotion, firm faith, reliance, sacrifice, wisdom… These are some of the lessons I learnt from the story of Ibrahim (as). This Prophet dedicated every inch of his life in the path of Allah, which serves as a beautiful reminder for us when we struggle with choices and decision making.

“Ibrahim was indeed a model, devoutly obedient to Allah, (and) true in Faith, and he joined not gods with Allah.” (16:120)

Hajj also helped me understand the whole idea of a temporary life. This life, this dunya that we are so deeply attached to in reality will perish away but what will remain will be the life after. Just like we leave our family and homes for a few weeks to perform hajj, to obey the commands of Allah by fulfilling an obligation. And after doing so, we return back to our lives, we can see our whole existence in the same manner. This life can be hajj and we should know we must return. So fulfil the obligations of life by obeying Allah and take these actions and deeds with us for the hereafter. May Allah accept the hajj and intentions from us all. Ameen


Above picture was taken when we were at Muzdalifah, 2008

7 thoughts on “What I learnt from Hajj”

  1. “This life can be hajj and we should know we must return. So fulfil the obligations of life by obeying Allah and take these actions and deeds with us for the hereafter.” I’m gonna in sha Allah take those words with me. JazakAllah khair dear sister.


    1. Hey, sorry, I just so this comment. Women are actually not only allowed but commanded to go to the kabah, to perform hajj just as men are. There are certain conditions, mainly health and and financial ability.

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