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A Temporary Gift


When this book by Asmaa Hussein from Ruqaya’s Bookshelf came into my life into my life, I had to stop what I was reading and start this. I was actually avoiding it for a few months because I didn’t want to read about heartache but there was part of me that wanted to know and read words by sister Asmaa.

After reading some of the book, I want this sister in my life. I want that person who is a constant reminder. This book isn’t just a personal account of loss, it’s far more than that. It’s about being a servant and living a life as a servant. This book will remind, push and make you want to do things that you procrastinate about. Perfect timing for me.

May Allah raise the ranks of brother Amr, bless his wife and daughter with a beautiful life. Ameen. Lots of love for you sis Asmaa.

“Those who have died now know the reality but can no longer do good deeds. Those who are alive can do good deeds, but they do not really know the reality.

Every soul shall taste death. I have not yet tasted it, but I have touched it. It’s cold. It turns food and drink into ash when it enters your mouth. It nests in the pit of your stomach, churning and eating away at the edges of your being. It also removes doubt in the inevitable destination.

When the burden of life is heavy, so heavy that you feel your knees are about to buckle and the muscles in your hands have seized up from carrying this weight, you may look towards the ground and wonder if dying would be easier than this.

People wish for an end to pain, but they don’t really wish for death. At least they wouldn’t if they knew what would come after. Not if they knew that they wouldn’t be alone – utterly and profoundly alone – beneath the soil, with only their belief in Allah and good deeds as protection. Not if they knew they would be able to hear the footsteps of those they love leaving them behind to fend for themselves.” – #ATemporaryGift

PS: sit with a highlighter pen when reading this – you’ll want to imprint everything into your heart and mind.


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