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The Wondrous Web


“But he trusted Allah and prayed everyday
‘O Allah, let me be a big help to you some day!’

Then suddenly one day, two men rushed into his cave
Fleeing from a danger most serious and grave!

‘SubhanAllah!’ cried spider ‘I must be blessed!
The great Prophet Muhammad* and his friend, are my guests!’


Am I a happy parent? Well of course I am. I always am when I find a book that tells a story, encourages a new thought and is enjoyable for both Yusra and me.

That’s exactly what this book has done for us. I became a big fan of the author Razana Noor after discovering her other book ‘A Whale of a Wish‘. It is definitely one of our most loved books. So when I heard she’s got another story to tell little people, I wanted to read it too.

‘The Wondrous Web’ tells the story of the spider who spun a web whilst our beloved Prophet (saw) and his best friend Abu Bakr (ra) hid in a cave when making the hijrah. As adults we know too well what the story entails and how scary and long the journey was.

This book, however tells the story from the spider’s point of view. Love it. He is cute, with good intentions and a loving character.

I hadn’t realised up until we read this book that Yusra didn’t know what an web is. So this introduced a new concept of spiders spinning webs.

We’ve also been learning about who the Prophet (saw) is, so this is a perfect addition to mentioning him name and his friend. Since reading the book, she’s been singing a song “Prophet Hammad and friend in a cave.” 🎼😳😊

As a parent I love the way the whole story rhymes. I feel it makes reading more enjoyable and memorable too.

We’ve read countless times now. We even tried to bring the web and spider out of the book, to make the characters more real, make the story stick in a little person’s mind more. (Something I try and do with books to make reading more fun).

A simple craft has made Yusra understand what a web actually is.

I really like this book. Colourful with a friendly looking spider who portrays thoughts of a good, helpful believer. Things I want to tell my daughter but the book does it for me. Brilliant stuff.

So if you’re after an Eid present or a would simply like to add a brilliant book to your bookcase – I recommend this. Although for 4-8 year olds, my 3 year old is able to follow and has throughly enjoyed it, and now knows who the Prophet’s (saw) best friend was.

Available from Amazon*.

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