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Time machine: taking me from the imperfect to the perfect





These are words and real, raw emotions that have engulfed my life for the last 6 months. Do you follow me on social media? You wouldn’t know this by looking at my pictures on Instagram or from reading my early morning Facebook posts. Not because I wanted to portray perfectionism but because, like most people, I’m not comfortable with sharing ALL my thoughts, or ALL my tests, or ALL my weaknesses. I’ve been smiling, smiling at those I meet and smiling through my posts. But behind every smile is a story, and behind my smiles are untold stories (for now).

Recently, I started to think about the purpose of my blog and my Facebook Page. I tried to remember why I started it all. It was because a sister had told me to write, to share, and leave it as sadaqah. For it to all sit there, even if one person would read something and do one tiny, tiny good from it, then maybe it can be something good that I leave behind. So with her advice and my slight obsession with the life of Zaid ibn Thabit (ra), I started my blog. Why Zaid ibn Thabit? Well, he (ra) ended up doing something he didn’t initially intend to do. So, I thought, lets try to take my writings out of notebooks and type them up for others.

But then I got carried away. Like we all do with social media. Its when I started getting messages from sisters from all over the world and my page reached over 10, 000 Likes, that I had to take a step back and really question it’s purpose.

Social media is a great platform. Equally brilliant for khair but also for the unkind, mean things. I thought about my presence on it and whether I was being a hypocrite, someone who is dealing with so much within my heart yet sharing tips on how to gain closeness to Allah. Why do we share such things? Then there is the aspect of riyaa. Where do we draw the line between encouraging good and plain showing off.

So, all these thoughts have been bothering me for the last few weeks. And I have come to this semi-unsure-conclusion; renewing ones intentions is a must for every believer, sharing happy and encouraging thoughts is a glimpse of a person’s life – it’s not a painting of their whole life, and most importantly, there is no such thing as perfectionism. And if someone thinks that there is, then they haven’t understood the purpose of life. Because, life isn’t perfect. Not for me, not for you, not for anyone.

The perfect life is yet to come. The perfect environment isn’t in this dunya, it is with Allah, in Jannah. Up until now, I’ve always secretly wanted a time machine, one that could take me back in time, when I was younger, with no worries, no heartache. But now, this week I’ve realised that as a believer, I have my time machine at hand. It isn’t going to take me back but instead take me forward. Forward into a life that is everlasting, blissful and amongst the best. The time machine is made up of good deeds. I have the ability to move forward and reach a destination that is much better than what my heart can imagine. The very perfect destination. These good deeds that we all want to pile up, they can be of many kinds and achieved in many ways. So this blog, for me, I’m hoping can add to my time machine, the one that will take me forward from the imperfect to the perfect.

Once again I’m unsure of the purpose of yet another post, maybe to come back to this as a reminder about the purpose of my blog but this post has also been inspired by the below two ayahs from surah Al Anfal.

“True believers are those whose hearts tremble with awe when Allah is mentioned, whose faith increases when His revelations are recited to them, who put their trust in their Lord, who keep up with the prayer and give to others out of what We provide for them. Those are the ones who truly believe. They have high standing with their Lord, forgiveness and generous provision.”

~ Surah Al-Anfal, verses 2-4 ~

Please remember me in your duas.



8 thoughts on “Time machine: taking me from the imperfect to the perfect”

  1. I always read every post of yours on fb, every article and every reminder. In fact, I have set my news feed up so that your post comes up first so whenever I open fb I read your wise words first. And they have been a source of healing, strength, inspiration and courage, as well as a perfect reminder. Your posts make me want to seek knowledge, learn and be closer to Allah swt.

    One thing I have learnt from your posts is to be constantly mindful of my intentions behind all my actions. This has helped me get through many a trial. Today I have increased tawakkul and a determination to please Allah swt, rely upon Him (swt) and be content with the knowledge that He (swt) is the best of planners so whatever happens today or tomorrow will be for the best.

    May Allah swt have mercy upon you and may He (swt) ease all your troubles, increase you in imaan and be pleased with you in the dunya and akhira. Ameen.


  2. I have followed you since last Ramadan sister, and I really thank Allah that he made me know you. You were and still are inspiring me. Your posts encouraged me to do many good deeds and even the book you share, I try always to read them. Sister, Allah knows that today while I am going to my work, you come to my mind, I said since days my sister Gilded Dunya did not share something, I hope she is fine . And I decided when I come back home to text to ask about you. And I found this post. May Allah bless you sister, please never let us and always remind us jazaki Allah khir.


  3. Keep doing good sis. May Allah swt make easy all your affairs we will all surely be tested. May he grant you ease in your trials and bless you with the ability to humbly share beautiful knowledge with all your sisters over the world. I started following you when i saw the posts you have up to do with your little one. Im a first time mum and its so refreshing to hear about ideas and ways to introduce our young to Islam in all aspects of life esp when we have such busy schedules that its easy to fall into routine trap..where we funtion but not live!


  4. I do believe its normal to feel the way you feel. The fact that you feel that way is a good thing. We do love and appreciate your content. From the book recommendation, to your Quran journey to your daughters bite size deen introductions. You make a difference dear. May Allah put barakah in all you do. And may you always do what you do only for His sake. Jazakillahu khayr wa Barakallahu feeki.


  5. coming a bit late to this, however, thinking of you sister and hope Allah is giving you the strength, ease of heart and reassurance to get through whatever it is you’ve been going through. Life is so difficult for many of us at the moment, we need to be strong both physically & spiritually InshaAllah. And Allah knows best 💛


  6. i love ur blog, it has inspired me in my life to be conscious as a wife, as a mother.
    pls continue . May Allah accept this blog as a sadaqa from u.


  7. Salam aleykum I had you in my likes in fb for I don’t know how long but today I read for the first time few of your post and I found answers which I really needed at the moment, I feel so relived for these direct words of advice for my situation, I thank Allah for “talking”to me, It’s amazing SubhanaAllah how He helps us when and from we don’t expect it and just right words means a lot,

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