Ilham or Inspire

You who believe, be steadfast, more steadfast than others…

Surah Al Imran has become very dear to me in the last couple of months, after having YII, it’s been my go-to surah. I actually don’t know why. I’ve read the surah before with translation but this time round it has made me think. Made me think about myself in a different way.

So many lessons to take from it. I’d love to attend a deep, enlightening Tafsir class for it inshaAllah. But for now I’ve been relying on my new found, new loved translation.

And then last night I read an article about daily routines etc (in my quest for becoming more mindful with my time) – the author of the article spoke about how he recites the last 10 ayahs of surah Al Imran every morning. Without fail. To motivate and remind himself of his purpose.

I felt that paragraph from the article was for me. His daily habit has given me a way to connect with my new obsession with this surah. This morning I spent time reading the last 10 ayahs. Like very slowly, taking in every word. And I now understand why the author reads these ayahs. What isn’t in these. Reminders, duas, guidance, warning. It’s actually a brilliant way to start the day off. It kind of plays on your mind throughout the day. Especially the duas.

I wanted to share this because, we all feel lost. Even the ones who recite Quran every day. We don’t always reflect. We don’t always know how to reflect. It’s very important to find surahs and ayahs that we’re not used to and then ponder on those words. Only then, are we making the Quran mean more to us.



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