Ilham or Inspire

A vision of Taqwa 

(Musa) said: “No indeed, my Lord is with me, He will guide me out.” (26:62)

This day of Ashura, a day known to Muslims for when Allah saved the children of Israel from the tyrant Firaun. Every time I read about Musa (as) standing at the Red Sea with the Firaun behind him, I try to imagine what emotions he must have been feeling. Fear, anxiety, overwhelmed. It’s my limited and weak understating that makes me think of the situation like that. Then I remember that Musa (as) was equipped with taqwa. One of the greatest treasures a believer can have in them. And therefore despite the desperate circumstance he was faced with; drowning or being killed by the Firaun, he (as) was able to view the situation with faith, conviction and trust in Allah. 

He saw something that the children of Israel didn’t see. He saw the promise of Allah. He trusted his Lord. The trust made him firm and steadfast even when life was literally hanging, with many other lives with him.

The children of Israel saw one of the greatest miracle with their own eyes when Allah parted the sea for them and how it then swallowed the Firaun and his army. Yet, they later chose to forget and continued to displease Allah. We have our own miracle. We have the miracle that will not end even when life on this Dunya will end, we have the Quran. The living words of our Rabb. It is our miracle. We witness it daily by reciting it, we try to live by it. We seek protection from it. Yet we sometimes lose hope. 

Let us not be like the earlier generations. Let us not witness our miracle and yet not embrace it with strong faith. Let us make the miracle bestowed upon us the source of everything we do and want to do. 

The story of Musa (as) is truly a magnificent one from the actual miracle to how it all unfolded. But let us not leave it at that. Let the story move our hearts closer to Allah because through this story we are reminded that Allah will guide us out of everything, we must make him Supreme in all matters. 
Posted as a Facebook post in Muharram 2016 

(Book pictured: Stories of The Prophets by Ibn Kathir)


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