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Bits from the book ‘The Muslim Parents Guide To The Early Years’

I came across this lovely book a few weeks back and have been reading bits from it whenever I get a chance. It's not a big book and isn't difficult to follow. It's a straightforward guide with an Islamic perspective. The sister has included lots of ideas to use with children from an early age… Continue reading Bits from the book ‘The Muslim Parents Guide To The Early Years’

Ilham or Inspire

Baby steps towards Allah

Back when I was a teen and read my first Islam related book, I immediately fell in love with it. It was about Prophet Ibrahim (as). Through this story my love for Allah grew, which alhamdhulillah eventually helped me turn to Allah. My heart remains full of gratitude to Allah for allowing me to find… Continue reading Baby steps towards Allah

Ilham or Inspire

Motherhood – An Answered Dua

Have you ever spent all your nights and days making dua for one specific thing? I mean crying your eyes dry in the darkness of the night, asking Allah to give you something? I have! And alhamdhulillah, by the infinite Mercy of Allah, He (swt) answered my dua. She’s called Yusra. This is a deeply… Continue reading Motherhood – An Answered Dua