Ilham or Inspire

When I watched the spider

On one of the odd nights this Ramadan, I spent almost 15 minutes after fajr salah watching a silly old spider weaving a web right in the middle of my living room ceiling. It looked like quite a bit of work - the spider had spun a decent size web. But all along I was… Continue reading When I watched the spider

Ilham or Inspire

Learn forgiveness from Abu Bakr (ra)

SubhanAllah, subhanAllah I read this and it really touched my heart in such a deep and reflective way. It made me think how sometimes our arrogance and stubbornness doesn't allow us to forgive others. After Ayesha (ra) was slandered in the most horrible way, Abu Bakr (ra) was naturally very upset. The man that had… Continue reading Learn forgiveness from Abu Bakr (ra)