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Making it extraordinary – Part 2

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No matter how many times I hear about the greatest woman this ummah has ever had, I always want to hear more.
And like always, her story reflects a love that we only dream about.

How many times is her marriage to the Prophet (saw) used as the model marriage? Be it in the Prophet’s special, reserved love for Khadijah, be it in him remembering her necklace, or keeping good ties with her friends after her death or telling Aisha (ra) that no other is like Khadijah.

But tonight at the talk, I started to think about their marriage. Their everyday life. Their life before his (saw) prophethood. They both met each other’s rights, sacrificed for each other. And like all other relationships they worked at their marriage. Their marriage was ordinary like anyone else’s, by ordinary marriage, I mean the everyday things that come with marriage; the duties, the chores, the mundane, it came with trials and happiness. But they made it extraordinary, because loving each other meant seeing beyond the tests and embracing everything that is thrown in the journey of companionship – which they both did unconditionally and lovingly. They were each other’s comfort. ❤️

Allah sent her His salaam. That always melts me. May we all meet this great, loving, kind woman in jannah. And maybe we can give her our salaam. Ameen.

The Prophet (saw) said to Khadijah (ra): Allah has prepared for you a palace in Jannah for the house you have given me here. (Paraphrased from my notes). 💕



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