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Scattered qualities – Part 1

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We attended circles at the masjid as a family up until Ramadan, they were based on the lives of the sahaba, I made notes and shared some on my Facebook, I’ve now decided to share them on the blog as a series, because I love them, and like reading them when I need motivation.

When Bilal (ra) went to meet the father of a potential bride to marry, he took with him his brother. He could have, if he wanted to, taken with him any of the other sahabas, one of the wealthy ones or even the Prophet (saw) – to show he had friends with high status’ in society. But he went with just his brother.

Bilal (ra) didn’t introduce himself as the one that remained with ahad in his mouth despite a rock on his chest. Or that he was the first muadhin of Islam. Or that the Prophet (saw) heard his footsteps in Jannah during his Isra wa miraaj journey.

He (ra) instead, introduced himself and his brother and told the father of the bride, him and his brother used to be Ethiopian slaves who were later freed. He kept it simple. That simple.

Simplicity is one of the qualities of a believer.

The Prophet (saw) was the epitome of all beautiful qualities and these beautiful qualities were scattered amongst his companions. – (words of the Imam at the masjid not mine)

Loved attending this with my little people. Alhamdhulillah. The last couple of weeks, Saturdays have been about preparing dinner, eating dinner and entertaining both monsters whilst listening to Tafsir lessons online. This week I loved being able to attend and sit amongst others and listen to a talk which makes us think about taking inspiration from the seerah. There is a different feel when there is a gathering.


Originally posted by me on Facebook December 2016


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