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Raising our standards – Part 5

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The Imam said, there’s two things to discuss when discussing the life of Fatima (ra);
– the Prophet’s (saw) love for her
– and her modesty.

When the Imam was talking about her father’s (saw) love for her, it made me swell with tears. His love for her, and her love for him. 💜

And when he was talking about her modesty, I felt ashamed inside. We dress according to Islam and feel our bit is done. But Fatima (ra) dressed according to Islam, she maintained it in her heart and mind, it was of great, great concern for her. Such a concern, that when she was nearing her death, she spoke to Asma bint Umays about this. She worried about her body after her death and before her burial. She worried that she will no longer have control over her body and what if someone were to see any part of her. After Asma bint Umays comforted her saying she would ensure Fatima’s (ra) body not only be covered but also covered with an extra sheet on top with sticks holding the sheet up, as she had seen the custom of the Abyssinians. Only then did Fatima (ra) smile – she hadn’t smiled since the death of her father. But she smiled at the thought her modesty being taken care of.

This was Fatima (ra). This was one of the four best women in the Dunya.

The imam said last night, that when we will be raised on the Day, we shouldn’t worry about being raised amongst the people we know now in our lives, think about being raised amongst the likes of Fatima, Abu Bakr, Ayesha, Khadijah, Anas, Abu Hurayra (ra) and many more of the blessed companions of the Prophet (saw).

He said know them, and raise your standards, raise how you live your life!


Originally Posted on Facebook February 2017


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